Below are a number of questions we have received in the past. The answers might help you with you decision making.

How much does it cost?

This is question we get asked a lot. Usually we would require some plans and a short brief to be able to put a figure on it. Some single front house CGIs can be little as £400 but for bespoke interactive project that involve months of work can cost £50,000. We would advise you to send us as much reference as possible for a fixed quote for your project. Letting us know your budget is also useful when quoting as we can tailor the project to suit you needs/budget. Were always happy to give rough estimates over the phone to give you an idea of the costs and turn around times.

How long does it take?

This is very much dependent on what work we have on at the time. The very best way to get your project turned around to fit your deadlines is to book it in before hand. Very often we will have clients who have sat on a project for months and then need it turned around in a couple of days. Although this is possible you will not get the highest quality finish and we may not have time to complete all your feedback within the time scales. Be organised and try to book your project in. Generally we can turn most project around in 2 weeks. Faster is its just an image or 2 slower if its a large scale project with animation and interactive elements.

What do I need to provide?

Generally the more you provide the more accurate the final images/Animation. We generally require CAD or hand drawn plans of the Building or Scheme. Floor-plans and elevations of everything you need produced. Also as much reference as possible. Google image search is great for getting inspiration. Sending us an inspiration images and material reference would be great! Of course we give you opportunities to feedback on the images and animations but were more likely to get it right first time if we have all the reference necessary to complete the project.

How much feedback do I get?

Generally were here to get your project just perfect. So we allow for 2 sets of changes. usually we find this is enough for most project. We like to have as much reference as possible before we start any project, this tends to make the whole process smoother. We’re very happy to rework images if we have misunderstood or haven’t quite reached the look your trying to achieve, but we don’t tend to change a bed for example 3 or 4 times because you cant make up your mind. If you would like to use us a a design tool we would prefer an hourly rate price format. We charge £50 an hour for work done that is outside of the original brief. Please inform us at the start of the project if you what us to do the actual interior design for a project.

Can you provide a complete marketing package?

Yes. For many of our clients we produce the brochure with location photography text copy and CGI images. Also we can produce Animations for websites and if requested we can produce full website for single developments or design and manage an entire company website. Also we can provide Mailchimp email services, adverts for magazines and printed media etc. Just talk to us about your project and we will suggest a full marketing package.

What format do I receive the final product in?

We usually output the final images as high quality .jpg files at a resolution of 3200 pixels across. This is usually fine and can be used at 300 dpi on an A4 brochure or blown up for large posters etc. If required we can output higher resolution. Also we can output images to a loss-less format (uncompressed) like .png or .tga files if requested. Animations are output usually at HD (1920 x 1980) as an .mp4 file. unless otherwise requested. We will also upload the animation to Vimeo so you can embed it easily into a website or other online digital media easily. The interactive project can be produced for the Apple app store or Android App store. We can also output most interactive project as an .exe file or web-player.

Do you have a price list?

As each project is very different we cannot supply a price list. Give us a ring and we can talk through your project and prepare a fixed quote to suit your exact specifications.

Do we use recruitment agencies?

No. If you are a recruitment agency please do not contact us.

How do I get a job with you?

We’re always looking for great talented dedicated 3D artists. Please send through you CV. Please attach images of work you have completed or worked on. If you don’t send any images your CV will not be looked at.